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Professional Reviews

"Intelligence, as well as emotion, drives this novel. A taut mystery thriller rich with lurid details yet also an evocation of vividly real and compelling characters."

-- Mark Spencer, author of A Haunted Love StoryThe Weary MotelThe Masked Demon, and Trespassers.


"VERY well-written, nice suspense, especially good female protagonists."

-- Les Roberts, Cleveland author.


"A book full of drama and tension and at times quite a page-turner. Also with lovely passages, some fine writing. You have a great cast of characters, an excellent story. I look forward to reading your next novel."

-- Clem Cairns, Fish Publishing, sponsor of The Fish Short Prize in Cork Ireland.


"Anonymous was one of the few books I read for hours without realizing just how much time had passed by. I would literally just sit down and read page after page until I just have to stop, take a deep breath, and carry on."

-- Rola G., Book reviewer at Worn Out Pages.


“With a new plot twist around every corner, the author delivers a complex story of obsession and jealousy that will keep the reader turning page after satisfying page. Christine Benedict’s Anonymous hits all the marks for an engrossing, edge-of-your-seat read.”                                                                                                                                                                                                               

-- Chanticleer Reviews

Reader Reviews

"I had the pleasure of meeting the author, Christine Benedict at Crocker Park where she was promoting her book. Christine is such a warm and friendly person, I think I was sold before she even described the book to me. :O) The fact that she lives locally was an added bonus. On to the book.... It was well written and easy to read. I am not a fan of keeping my dictionary close by while reading a book. There were times where I sat back and relaxed and times where I was on the edge of my seat. Towards the end of the book I was alone at night, sitting by the patio door that overlooks the woods and I had to go and sit by my sleeping husband because I was afraid! -This story was so well written that I actually felt like I was watching the story unveil before my eyes. "Anonymous" is happy, sad, interesting, thrilling and heart-warming. Great job, Christine! I hope you are working on another."

-- Julianne Tomasch, Amazon (U.S.)